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John Adams
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Additional Services

For any of the same purposes mentioned above, ranging from song demos, to release-able CD projects, to library music, to jingles, to film scores I also can provide…

High Quality MIDI Sequencing

Drum Tracking

I can add drum parts using sophisticated MIDI drum programs or by recording live drums

Sample Tracks:

Arranging, scoring and chart preparation

I can do Finale generated, professional quality lead sheet/rhythm section parts for the songs I record which would be performance-ready for future band members to perform for you, or even full score preparation for large instrumentations such as horn sections and orchestras

Sample Track:

Sample Charts:

Orchestration and track "sweetening"

I can add textures and extra instrumentation to tracks, ranging from simple snyth sounds and pads, to auxiliary percussion, to horn and string sections, to full orchestra

Sample Tracks:

I can also organize and record tracks to be done by a complete rhythm section from the top tier of Dallas studio musicians, or any part or parts of a rhythm section, or I can refer elements of your production to other studio musicians who can add their parts remotely from their home studios as well 

Sample Tracks:

My hallmarks are professionalism, musicality, solid time and groove, stylistic versatility, sonic excellence, and reliability. I finish what I start and I don’t take it on if I can’t do it and do it right!