“I give John Adams my highest endorsement. I have been taking advantage of John’s extraordinary bass-playing talents for nearly two decades and have used him exclusively on nearly all my tracks. He can play both acoustic and electric bass consummately in every conceivable style: funk, straight-ahead, smooth, rock, contemporary, country, hip hop, classical-orchestral, ethnic-world, all with superb professionalism and maximum creativity while being keenly attentive to my direction as producer. John is a joy to work with and the results are often surprisingly better than I have the right to expect: stylistically consistent, always supremely musical, plenty of “punch” where needed, beautifully liquid when required; and after each session I am left with stunning tracks that are a joy to mix!” 

– Jack Waldenmaier – producer/composer, The Music Bakery

“Having been in the music business for well over 30 years I’ve had the opportunity to work with many talented and professional people.  I can say without reservation that John is someone who represents everything that’s good about this industry.  He’s a fantastic musician, arranger, and producer and as a bonus, is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet.  If I could sing, I would trust John to produce a record I could be proud of!”  

– Keith Rust, owner, Crystal Clear Sound Studios, Dallas, TX

“Working with John Adams is truly a joy. I can always count on a great performance, impeccable sonic integrity, and a wonderfully creative musical experience. I am so very proud to call him my “go to” player and honored to call him my friend.”  

– Johnny Marshall, producer/engineer, Marshall sound design, Dallas, TX

“From the first time we worked together in the studio, I knew John Adams was a musician of the highest order. Besides having incredible technical skills, being an excellent reader and consummate professional, John always elevated my scores and brought them to life with creative and inventive musical ideas. It has been my pleasure professionally and personally to work with him in both the studio environment and live concerts performances.”  

– Jim Hodges, producer, arranger, studio owner, Fort Worth, TX

“I had lost touch with John for a time, and about the time I was thinking of recording my next CD, I ran into him at a restaurant. As we talked about the project and seeing his vision, it became clear to me that John had to be on it and arrange for it. All you need to do is listen to his work and you will know why.” 

– Aaron Greenway, recording artist/song-writer, Dallas, TX/Nashville, TN

“John brings so much to the studio.  He is rock steady in the pocket.  He can play exactly what you ask or he can create some amazing parts you may have never even thought of.   He has great ideas and is a pleasure to work with.”   

– Gary Kyle, recording artist/song-writer, Dallas, TX/Nashville, TN

“Selecting John Adams as the arranger and producer for my CD was one of the wisest decisions I have ever made.  He took my ideas to a whole new level.  His creative talent, musical knowledge and experience, and attention to detail made my CD wonderful.  And he made the entire experience what music should be – exciting and fun!”  

– Jennifer Martin, vocalist, Dallas, TX

“John is the consummate musician; incredible talent, excellent technique, outstanding intellect. That being said, the best thing about John is his heart. John is passionate about his craft, both in his individual contribution and how in he fits into the overall project. John is also passionate about the people with whom he works…he actually cares! Because he cares he makes those around him better; better players and better people. His “sum” is greater than his parts. What you get in John is a true professional whose musicianship, passion and life flow from his heart and into your project.”  

– Richard Henderson, producer, vocalist, Fellowship of the Sword Ministries, Fort Worth, TX