Available Equipment and Recording Processes

I can record in either Nuendo 4 with a RME Fireface 800 interface, OR in Digital Performer 7 with a MOTU 828Mk II interface. Tracks can be uploaded in 24-bit AIF format (or other format if requested) and inserted into your project session file(s), no matter what recording program you are using.

I love and play all types of basses, from fretted and fretless electrics to upright/acoustic basses


  • Corona model Fender P/J bass with John East/Nordstrand active system
  • ’62 Fender Jazz Bass, Bartolini pre-amp system
  • ’65 Fender P-bass
  • Ken Smith, 5-string, maple/alder top
  • Ken Smith, 6-string, rosewood/maple top
  • Modulus, 6-string, Bartolini pre-amp & pickups
  • Zon, Legacy Elite, 5-string, fretless
  • Pedulla “Pentbuzz”, 5-string, fretless
  • Ibanez SG, 5-string
  • Juzek, 1938 “Prague”, upright/acoustic bass, with David Gage “Realist” and Underwood pickups
  • Kay, 1948, upright/acoustic bass with Underwood pickup
  • Great synth bass generators such as Minimoog, Moog Modular, Jupiter, Arp 2600, CSV 800 and more
  • I can also use numerous “soft-synth” programs such as Vienna Strings, Stylus RMX, EZ Drummer, and more


  • AKG 414
  • Two (2) Neumann TLM 103’s
  • Two (2) Shure SM 81’s
  • Two (2) Neumann KM 184’s
  • Three (3) Sennheiser 421’s
  • Ten (10) Shure SM 57’s


  • Two (2) API 3124+ preamp units
  • Two (2) Neve 1073 units
  • Chameleon Labs 7602 unit
  • O1V 96 V2 digital console
  • Walter Woods, 700-watt, stereo amp
  • Eden Bass amp
  • L. R. Bagg, “para-acoustic” DI preamp

Studio Images